Getting to the Salt Flats is way easier than it was in 1860.

The Bonneville Salt Flats and the Bonneville Speedway are located just 4 miles East of Wendover UT/West Wendover, NV. The nearest Metro area is Salt Lake City, UT 120 miles to the East.

The drive from Salt Lake to the Bonneville Speedway where the race start is entirely freeway, and maintaining 75 MPH is no problem, so the drive takes under 2 hours.

If you are flying in, book your flight to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), rent a car, and drive West on Interstate 80 directly from the Airport. If you are not local there is NOT a taxi service or UBER that will get you this far. You MUST rent a car. If you are bringing crew with you then they'll most likely use this as the crew car too. You will make suggestions as to where NOT to take certain vehicles at the pre-race meetings based on the current raod conditions. 


There are several hotels in the Wendover area, both on the Utah side and the Nevada Side, including five Casinos.

The motels on the Utah side of the state line are generally pretty affordable if booked online, but as I've learned the hard way, don't call them directly as their direct rate is often $20 more per night. We encourage staying on the Utah side of the border if you want to stay smoke free. 

Of course, you can always stay at one of the Wendover Casinos if you want that little taste of mini Vegas. Just be aware that they are loud & full of smoke. 

If its a dry year you are also more than welcome to car-camp on the salt at the Start/Finish area as well, as we'll have event toilets there... no open fires unless in portable fire-pits, and all ash and other refuse must be taken off the salt and properly disposed of.


We encourage our race participants to visit the Sinclair Convenience Store at Exit 4. They obviously have gas & food but they have nice bathrooms & shower facilities too. They also have a restaurant. The Mexican place has moved into Wendover but the food in the new Indian restaurant is quite good. 

Also on the Utah Side of the border is a Shell Station (R Place) which has a Taco Time & Pizza place inside as well. There is also a Subway on the Utah side as well as several family run Mexican places.