Registration Basics:

  • We run all our registration online via

  • The ONLY registration we don't run through ultrasignup is registration done at the pre-race meetings. We would actually prefer you not register that late for multiple reasons.

  • Ultrasignup charges a small processing fee. This goes to them, not us!

  • Registration is based on each distance & ALL distances have TWO price increases as of 2016.

Price Increases:

  • Registration Open (June 1st ish) through October 31st: 100 miler $160, 50 miler $120, 50k $80.

  • December 1st through February 14th: 100 miler $180, 50 miler $140, 50k $100.

  • February 15th through the Pre-Race Meetings: 100 miler $200, 50 miler $160, 50k $120.

Why the change & added 3rd price tier? Honestly to discourage people from registering SO DARN LATE. Most people don't understand we pretty much live on the salt the last 7-10 days before the race. PLUS the 2 days of the race. The communication is minimal & your money doesn't even get to us until the next ultrasignup processing date with is actually 2 weeks AFTER the race. We've been purchasing medals & buckles & shirts & paying for porta-potties & aid station food for quite a while when it gets to each increase.

Feel free to register the last 2 weeks if you don't mind spending the extra money. We totally welcome all runners but you really could save a few bucks.

NO Refunds, ONLY Transfers:

What is our refund policy?

  • As of 2016 we DO NOT issue monetary refunds to anyone. NO exceptions.

  • Ultrasignup DOES NOT issue refunds either as it is determined by the individual race.

  • As of 2019 transfer requests MUST be initiated by YOU on Ultrasignup via your account. You’ll actually find it via “edit registration” & then you’ll select “cancel registration”. Because we don’t offer refunds a “cancellation” automatically gives you a rollover credit.

  • Yes you can actually do it yourself & then we just receive a confirmation email. Easy peasy.

  • Then the following year when registration opens you can log in to register & it automatically reduces your fees. Make sure not to pay anything the following year as we won’t refund you. If you see a fee then contact us before registering.

  • The ONLY way feasible for us to run this business is that we will ONLY transfer your registration 1 year forward. So if you are registered to run in 2019 you may request a transfer to 2020 but no farther.

  • We absolutely DO NOT offer bib transfers at this time.

  • PLEASE in order to reduce transfers read ALL about our races BEFORE registering! Being unprepared IS NOT an acceptable transfer reason.