Aid Station Food:

We will provide ALL aid stations (except AS4) with water and traditional aid station fare (Electrolyte Drinks, S-Caps, Gel, melons, bananas, PB&J, candy, Soups/Coffee/Hot Cocoa for the overnight stations, etc) but in the end, you are expected to be responsible for your physical well-being. If you need specialty food for a specialty diet please pack it in your drop bags.

Due to changing road conditions starting in 2019 Aid Station 4 will not be staffed. At the GPS location where AS4 has always been located we will place a water jug with a pump, a port-a-loo (bucket style) potty & a sealed box of “grab & go” items for your nourishment & electrolyte needs. Please take what you need & close the box before you head out so the next runners behind you can enjoy the items too.


  • If you are visibly tweaking at an aid station, we reserve the right to hold you for medical evaluation or even pull you from the race. Please take care of yourself! There has been much discussion over the past few years on the level of medical evaluation that should be a part of a race like this. This event is NOT the Boston Marathon... it has no "medical director" and no on-staff physicians.

  • Thanks to several dedicated HAM Radio operators, we have emergency medical personnel with off-road capability, but that’s about it.

  • You will encounter multiple levels of medically trained volunteers throughout the course including the RD's, AS Captains, etc.

  • If you have any doubt about your ability to maintain your own health, don't register.

Drop Bags:

  • Please limit what you pack.

  • Drop bags will be available at all Aid Stations except #1, #2 & #4.

  • DO NOT bring drop bags to the pre-race mtg.

  • We'll have labeled tarps for drop bags at the start, but please make sure they're placed in their appropriate Aid Station bins no later than 1/2 hr before the start. The salt desert is a unique environment, and wind is generally a constant. As a result, if the winds are high, the aid stations may not have shade canopies as you’ll find in many of the other 100’s. Plan accordingly with your aid station bags and/or crew support.