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Danger & Jukebox Caves State Historical Monument

Found near Wendover, these caves are incredibly significant archaeological sites that contain over 11,000 years of the history of human inhabitation of the Great Basin. The caves also hold important clues to changing weather, water, and habitat conditions in the area.

*NOTICE* Danger Cave Tour Management is in transition right now. There are new park employees going through training over the next few months about the history and archaeology of the cave. Following their training, they will be taking over the tours. When tours are ready to resume we will put up a notice about upcoming tours. Thank you.

Blue Lake Wildlife Management Area

The Blue Lake WMA is located 15 miles south of Wendover. This 215 acre management area consists of several clear deep hot spring fed lakes/ponds with an extensive wetland complex surrounding them. Blue Lake is the largest of these lakes with a depth of approx 58 feet deep. With a winter surface temperature of 76 degrees Blue Lake is very popular for Scuba-Divers from November thru May.

If you want to get away from all the traffic at Blue Lake the first few ponds you see when entering the WMA also hold fish. These ponds are surrounded by cattails so use caution when approaching them. We estimated these small ponds to average about 8 feet deep and they drop straight down from the shore. A little farther east is another large pond with better access and shallower water. We found the fish to be very finicky eaters, after changing lures and baits several times, small shiny flashing spinners seem to work best for the Bluegill and Sunfish.

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Historic Wendover Airfield Museum

Wendover Field was conceived during the late 1930s, and Congress appropriated funds in 1940 for the acquisition of land for bombing and gunnery ranges. Wendover was selected because of the Great Salt Lake desert with its shimmering salt flats and other vast uninhabited terrain.

Wendover, Utah was a town of about 103 people, with railroad lines running between Salt Lake City and three West Coast cities. The Army Air Corps began building structures on September 20, 1940 in Wendover and this would ultimately become Wendover Field.

Wendover Will

Wendover Will is such an iconic Nevada landmark. The neon sign was originally installed in 1952 for the Stateline Casino.

When the Stateline Casino changed ownership, the sign was donated to Wendover. The town spent approximately $200,000 to restore the sign; the restoration was done by The Young Electric Sign Company. Wendover Will was moved to Wendover Boulevard in the town's center and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on June 9, 2005.

Wendover Will is a Registered Trademark of the City of West Wendover.