Communications, HAM Radio Support & Tracking:

  • Communications with the race directly can be rough, especially in the final 10 days before the race. Most people don't realize we live on the salt for over a week before the race as we are setting up the course in stages. We place porta potties, water jugs, etc. We flag 3 separate courses with multiple colored flagging & on different types of poles.

  • There IS cell phone reception on portions of the course but it is spotty & minimal at best. We have HAM radio in place for this reason. We have HAM radio coverage at 90% of Aid Stations on the course.

  • 100 Mile & 50 Mile - We will have Ham Radio support at most Aid Stations.

  • 50K - We have minimal if any HAM radio support for the 50k course.

  • We tested out a new tracking system in 2018 & we were not as happy with it as we wanted. We will not have live tracking for 2019 but hope to introduce a new system in 2020.


  • The weather at this time of year can be everything from sunny and low 80's to blowing snow and low 20's. You are fundamentally responsible for preparing yourself to run in any weather.

  • The salt desert is a unique environment, and wind is generally a constant. As a result, if the winds are high, the aid stations may not have shade canopies as you’ll find in many of the other 100’s. Plan accordingly with your aid station bags and/or crew support.



  • Although infrequent, there is the possibility of encountering non-race-related vehicles on portions of this course. Please stay aware of this possibility as you run, particularly at night.

  • You are required to have front lighting (headlamp and/or flashlight) and a rear solid or flashing light (of any color) for the night portion of the run. Failure to have functional front light and rear light any time after dusk may result in disqualification. We encourage you to carry these at all times so that you do not estimate your arrival at a certain aid station incorrectly. The few extra ounces are not going to effect your time.

  • You will be required to provide your personal cell phone number, a basic medical form & an emergency contact number for SOMEONE ELSE before you start the race each year. The easiest place to do this is via a google doc I am working on but it will also be available at the pre-race meetings.