Pre-Race Meetings & Packet Pick-Up

  • The pre-race meetings for ALL RACE DISTANCES are held Thursday evening before the race at the Wendover Community Center, 112 Moriah Avenue, Wendover, UT 84083.

  • Packet pick up will be from 6:00PM to 8:00PM the night before the race at the pre-race meetings which will start at 6pm & 7pm. You may attend either of the 2 meetings you wish. (PLEASE NOTE: For those who have run with us before there is no longer a 5pm meeting!)

  • Please remember EVERYTHING is done on UTAH time & WEST WENDOVER may alter your "smart" phone to a different time zone. Set your phone to MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE (Denver) & then make sure your phone doesn't do an "auto update".

  • EMERGENCY packet pickup for the 100 Mile race will also be available Friday morning from 6AM to 6:30 AM. ALL RACES start promptly Friday at 7:00AM. (We really prefer you attend a pre-race meeting due to the information passed the night before.)