Dogs Allowed

Dogs are allowed to run anywhere on the course within reason. Runners bringing dogs MUST be accompanied by crew. Crew will still be restricted to certain areas. 

  • Dogs MUST be on leash at the start, at the finish & at all aid stations.

  • Dogs may run off leash between aid stations.

  • Please leash your dog 50-100 yards before as you approach the aid station. You may then let your dog off leash again after you exit the aid station about 50-100 yards after you exit.

  • If your dog causes any issues with any runners or volunteers or any other dogs due to being off leash please leash them immediately.

  • If your dog is a continual issue please hand it over to your crew.

  • Dogs running with you do not have to register HOWEVER if you feel your dog can make it for the ENTIRE distance you are running we do have a special option below.

Dog Safety!!!

Double lights (of some form) are required for dogs just like runners. Dusk to Dawn!

  • Please keep your dog leashed in the required areas.

  • Dog booties for crossing the salt are recommended. (Or be prepared to brush off & possibly wash your dogs feet well after the flats.)

  • Remember you are responsible for your safety in addition to your dogs. Any gear you need your dog may need also. The weather will effect your dog just as much as it will effect you. Please carry what they'll need, pack it in drop bags or pack a small doggy pack for it to carry.

  • If your dog isn't doing well then hand it over to crew.

Optional Dog Registration:

We are one of the only ultra races (possibly the only one at all) that allows "dog registration".                    

A REGISTERED dog successfully checking into & out of all aid stations as well as crossing the finish line just like their human companion will be awarded the same medal or buckle as their human companion. 

What exactly does paid dog registration get you (well actually what does it get your dog)?

  • A race shirt for your dog. (Its a human shirt, not dog specific. Get a size that will fit them as closely as possible.)

  • A bandana for your dog. (Use it to keep them cool, or clean their paws, or whatever.)

  • A race bib # for your dog. Yes we ask that it be worn by the dog. Your dogs bib # will be tracked into & out of each aid station just like a runner.

  • Nearly the same treatment as a human runner if needed at an Aid Station...human emergencies come first & we DO NOT have veterinary type medical on site.

  • Access to all HUMAN food, water & electrolytes at aid stations. If your dog needs dog food at certain points please make sure to put it into drop bags or have your crew carry it with them.

  • Your dog will receive the same medal or finisher buckle if it successfully crosses the finish line. (Please be honest. If the dog needs to get into a crew vehicle for a portion of the course then the dog is a DNF the same as a human runner.)

  • Other doggy swag which we have in the works.

Other info...


  • ONLY REGISTER your dog if it is well trained & adapted to running long distances.

How to register a dog:

Create an account & register your dog on the same as you do.  Yes the price is the same & the price increases when human registration increases. During the registration process list the dog as FIRST NAME: (Use the dogs real name) & LAST NAME: The Dog.