A Word From Sarah

Sarah here. I wanted to say hi to all our runners out there. Jesse & I are SO excited to be the new RD's for Salt Flats Endurance Runs. We joined Salt Flats in 2014...you know, the year of the 100 year storm. The year of the missing runner who I spotted using Morse code from my cell phone flashlight. The runner who was life-flighted out of the course during the break in the storm. The year we ratchet strapped the canopy to our vehicle so it wouldn't fly away & woke up to snow the second day. 

A little back info...In 2014 we were in introduced to the Ultra Running community thanks to Ray Smith (the previous Assistant RD). Ray & my husband work together & Ray mentioned needing some volunteers for an upcoming event. Jesse asked me if I was interested. We have a sense of community about us & our family. Since we were both athletes growing up & avid adult "runners" (5k, 10k, 1/2 marathoners) we thought SURE! Our introduction was a cold, windy, wet, snowy one. BUT what was really amazing was the Ultra spirit we experienced. Everyone was SO thankful & polite. Despite 2014 being insane we went home & I contacted ALL the Ultras in the Northern Utah area to volunteer too. 

So in 2014 we were the AS Captains at AS #9. (We also started aiding for 3 other ultra runs starting that summer & fall.) 

In 2015 we were the AS Captains at AS #10 & brought one of our daughters. We've also continued aiding at 2 other ultras in Utah. 

In 2016 we were back at AS #9 as AS Captains again as well as serving as the turn around point for the 50K earlier in the day. Jesse also went out several days for set-up during the weekend before the race. In 2016 we brought our entire family plus another teenage friend for my daughter to hang with. Victoria (our oldest) & Jesse also spent several hours tearing down the course after the race. We also continued aiding at other ultras in Utah, 3 more this year. 

In 2016 Vince also announced at the pre-race meeting that Jesse & I would be taking over the race in 2017. 

In 2017 we plan to be there with the whole family again serving in multiple locations but most importantly at the Start/Finish. Hopefully you'll get to know our BIG family well this coming year & for years to come. 

I wouldn't consider us Ultra newbies at this point but we always welcome comments & suggestions. Also look for a few changes along the way.