We strive to make the Salt Flats Endurance Runs an amazing and memorable experience, and one that will bring you back for more.  Thanks to all the volunteers and our event team who pull together to make the reviews below real.  Have a read and see what people are saying about this epic run.  Hope to see you at the Start!




Wanted to extend my appreciation to RD Vince Romney and all his enthusiastic volunteers who made the SF100 possible. This was a truly extraordinary course across the Salt Flats, post-holing through crusty mud flats and traverses of the island mountains on rough jeep trails. The panoramic views were breathtaking. A petrified horny toad lizard gave me pause along the way about not missing any trail marking. These marking were by the way easy to follow both during the day and night. SF100 is an excellent race to experience this unique landscape of America

Eric P


I just wanted to drop a word of thanks to you, your wife and all your wonderful team of volunteers, helpers and sponsors. Hope by the time you’ve read this that you’ve caught up on some sleep a little! That was my 243rd  marathon/ultra and now I reflect a little on it and the feet are hurting a little less I think this event has become my new favourite! Was just an amazing experience, in an amazing place and fantastically well organised with just the best bunch of people you could possibly wish for. I thought I’d find it unlikely to ever surpass the guys in Kansas at Heartlands 100 last fall, but I think the Utah guys and girls win out so thank you all very, very much indeed and I hope the event goes from strength to strength.

It utterly slipped my mind at the finish but I’m actually writing an article about the event for the British magazine Running Free so am hopeful that a few more Brits/Europeans will be inspired to make it out there and experience the challenge!  <Webmaster note: this article is in the June 2013 magazine, Issue 55>

Traviss W


Thank you so much for putting together this amazing race event.  I am certain that it will increase in popularity and number of entrants as the word gets out.  I really didn't see anything that could be done better.  And I really like the new buckle design.  Everything was perfect!

Paul L


Thank you for an exceedingly, awesome experience.  The course wasn't difficult, but it was challenging and I have many fond memories of this race.  Your staff and volunteers were stellar, the kind of aid stations that make me wonder why I packed so much stuff in my drop bags. (some races are not nearly as well put together as yours)

Trace L


Thanks so much for everything.  I'm sure it is very difficult for you and the volunteers to have a 36 hr. finish but Blaine, Paul, and I were extremely grateful for it.  So much more work for all of you.

I forgot to vote for the aid station!  It was a toss-up between 2 and 4.  They were both totally awesome!  And for the most part all aid stations were extremely helpful and catered to the runner.

Karen R


Great Race! I really enjoyed it. The only complaint is that I didn't finish, but I will show up next year with some new strategies. Let all the volunteers know that I give them an "A+"!  Thanks for some good memories--some of which didn't actually happen, but they are real enough to me, even though my pacers would tell me otherwise. I am looking forward to some more crusty pie running next April! Thanks.

Jade M


I thought the race was super. Aid stations were better than ever….knew what to expect and the volunteers were very helpful. I suspect you are still losing a bunch of money for all that you provided. The idea of adding a 50-miler would certainly help that...

...For hot years like this year, putting a jug out near the end of the mud flats would be very helpful, that is the only suggestion I really have. I liked the course. The pavement before aid 12 was a bother, but I enjoyed the next section, so it was worth it.

Davy C


My back held out until about mile 47 but I was able to make to the road after coming off the flats. Got a ride into Aid Station 7 and called it quits. Despite the dnf, it was a great experience on a great course with outstanding support at the Aid Stations. I will be coming back next year to finish what I started.

Dan S


Thanks for the great run. After my first 100 miler my feet are still pretty sore but are getting better. You didn’t find an extra Inaja (5 finger black sock) did you? (It is not a big deal but they did cost $12.00 a pair.)

Thanks, and have a great day,

Blaine P

Thanks again for a great race! All that you, your family and the volunteers put into it is appreciated and remarkable...


Best – Jay


I wanted to thank you for putting on a fantastic race.  I know that there are massive amounts of work and stress that go into putting on an event, and I thank you for taking on the challenge so that people like me can go out and enjoy.  I really loved the course, even the mud flats.  You put on a great high caliber event with wonderful volunteers.  I enjoyed every minute.  Thank you!

Deva L


Want to thank all the volunteers at the aid stations, everyone was so helpful and friendly. Really big thanks to the 2 ultra runner volunteers at aid station 13 who convinced me I could finish and even walked me down the trail until I could continue on my own. Everyone I met that day was awesome!

Heather M


Well I am back home in Germany and want to once again say thank you to you, your family, and all the fantastic people that helped at the Salt Flats 100.

It was my first 100 mile run and it wasn't easy, yet I enjoy myself so very much. 

Thank you and I am sure your wonderful event will grow and get stronger every year.

Thank you so much,

Many regards.

Cameron L.