Crew access is ONLY allowed at the following Aid Stations:

  • Start/Finish

  • 5/7 (31.6 miles and 50.7 miles)

  • 8 (57.4 miles)

  • 9 (61.7 miles)

  • 11 (74.3 miles)

  • 12 (80.6 miles)

  • 14 (95 miles)

NOTE: AS of 2019 there is NO CREW ACCESS via the “front side” of Silver Island. Crews need to stay OFF of East Silver Island Road.

Crews must also stay entirely off Silver Island Pass Road (the sandy hill from 9 to 10)! You shouldn’t be traveling from the front to back (or back to front) in a vehicle anyways. The only exception is race staff.

For all other crew support, only West Silver Island Road and Ranch Road should be accessed by Crew vehicles.  Please ensure your crew is cautioned to drive carefully.  These roads are rough and have blind curves, huge washouts & unexpected hills, so caution is important to ensure the safety of all participants, crews and the public.  We are closing several areas outside of Silver Island Road to crews to ensure both the safety of the runners, and to preserve the environment. 

Aid 6 & 13 are also off limits for anyone but runners/pacers and Aid Station personnel. 

Any crew vehicles found trying to access these areas may result in the disqualification of that runner.