Alternate Courses

Have you ever seen the Bonneville Salt Flats under water? We have! We call this Lake Bonneville (see below). This IS NOT safe to run through.

Lake Bonneville.jpg

In 2014 our 50 mile runners were supposed to start on Saturday NOT Friday. The 100 milers crossed the salt successful on Friday but on Saturday it looked like the picture below. Yes the storm that blew through overnight completely flooded the salt. In 2014 we didn't have an appropriate backup course & our 50 mile runners ran laps on the pavement back & forth in the continuing rain.

Since then we have done 2 things.

1) All races now start on FRIDAY. ALL 3 DISTANCES START AT 7AM! This doesn't guarantee anything as far as weather but if the Friday evening storms roll through then we don't have conflicting aid station times, etc for the races previously held on Saturday. 

2) We introduced a back-up (rain) course in 2016 which is accessible to all runners & all distances in case the salt is flooded due to an unexpected storm or an unpredictably long winter where the salt hasn't fully dried out yet (like 2016). This backup is an out & back course for the the same but it does have a slight elevation change & no salt. For the 50 milers...Its an out & slightly back & then you are routed onto the normal course . For the 100 milers its an out with everyone else & then you turn onto the normal course situation. 

Despite not wanting to use the backup course we know its necessary to have in place. Although it eliminates the magic of the salt they are still great courses. We do NOT cancel the race or issue refunds due to inclement weather. Please be prepared.

NOTES: We reserve the right to not announce which course we are using till less than 24hours prior.

Below are picture of the maps for comparison.

Link to these same pictures in printable format: